Disaster Response and Recovery

Help us prepare for quick disaster response.

The HOPE worldwide Philippines Disaster Response and Recovery is a program that provides immediate access to resources to communities affected by natural disasters.

Thanks to you, we have helped thousands of families find hope in their darkest hours. Your continued compassion and generosity will continue to make a difference.

Immediate Impact and Lasting Recovery: HOPE worldwide’s vast network of churches and trained volunteers allow us to mobilize quickly.

Our services that address immediate needs:

Food and Water - We provide meals and access to much needed drinking water

Shelter - In addition to directing residents to evacuation shelters, we distribute blankets, mats, clothing and hygiene kits

Medical Care - Our team of volunteers from the health profession have certifications to provide treatment.

We stay and help in rebuilding the communities for months or years after the onset of the disaster. Our commitment towards rebuilding lives and communities are told through countless stories of hope.

Some of our long-term services include:

Shelter and Livelihood Recovery - We help families recover from the effects of disasters by supporting them to rebuild their shelters, livelihood, school facilities and community centers.

Psycho-social support - We help individuals and families recover from the psychological effects of disaster.

Development Work - We foster collaboration among government agencies, businesses and community members to rebuild the affected areas.

Disaster Preparedness - We provide the education and training to empower the communities to prepare for future disasters.

Ways you can serve:

Your support will help us address the short-term needs and make a long-lasting impact to the lives of thousands of people affected by natural disasters.

Donate : Your generous donation will give hope to those who need it the most.

Fundraise : Help spread the word and fundraise with your very own campaign.

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