"100,000 Meals" Campaign!

My Gift of Hope “Share-A-Meal” continues with our Supplemental Feeding assistance through “100,000 Meals” campaign. It aims to provide healthy meals for vulnerable children in the communities that we serve.

Hunger is one of the most unyielding battles that developing countries have to struggle. Children from poverty stricken homes and their families are not able to have healthy meals. Unfortunately, children are more prone to suffer food deprivation and eventually malnutrition brought about by lack of nutritious meal.

These children often missed out on schooling due to lack of energy and poor health; and because of these challenges, poor health and nutrition are often the barriers that make vulnerable children succeed in school.

“100,000 Meals” campaign aims to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable children in our communities. Your US$1 (PhP50) can provide 1 healthy meal to a vulnerable child in our communities. These vulnerable children are either those who are living in extreme poverty, abandoned or orphaned by one or both parents, living with disability, affected by armed conflicts, have been sexually or physically abused, malnourished due to extreme poverty and those marginalized, stigmatized, or even discriminated.

HOPE worldwide Philippines also teaches parents how to prepare affordable yet nutritious meals through Parents Effectiveness Seminar (PES).

We consider every meal an opportunity to share hope to vulnerable children and to someone in deep need. 100,000 Meals is a huge task yet it can be accomplished if you can offer at least US$1 everyday. You may also start a team – get together with your family, church mates, coworkers and friends to help us raise 100,000 Meals this 2018. The campaign started last January till December of this year.

Help us provide what may be the only meal of the day for a child in crisis situation!

For more details, feel free to contact: Cynthia “Cheekee” Calingasan | Development Officer

Mobile - (+63) 933.628.7069 | Email: cheekeecynthia.calingasan@hopewwph.org