Centers of HOPE

HOPE worldwide Philippines’ Community Centers of HOPE in Baseco (Port Area, Manila) and Payatas Urban Area (Quezon City) have been providing social services to the poorest and abused children since year 2000, and the three new Centers of HOPE in the Visayas Region were built in 2015.


Through the Centers of HOPE Programs, large numbers of impoverished and compromised children are educated on their rights and are given adequate and appropriate information to help them make assertive decisions and choices in life. Social services provided at the centers include a Day Care and Feeding Program (DFP) where needy children are provided with pre-school education, medical treatment, and nutritional assistance. Children and out-of-school youth within the communities are encouraged to join the Child and Youth Development Program (CYDP) where they receive tutorials, free use of the library and computer laboratory, or a chance to get formal school educational assistance through the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP). Through the CYDP, young adults and children are educated on personal safety and protective behavior. At-risk children are identified and placed in the Community-Based Treatment and Recovery Program (CBTRP) for special case management, therapy, and referrals. Children needing residential or protective services are placed into the Center of HOPE-Laguna or referred to other residential institution.

Parents of the Daycare Program from the Center have started the Skills Training and Livelihood Development Program to make their time productive while waiting for their children to finish their class sessions. Mothers learn to make different local handicraft made from old magazines, newspapers, and plastics. This program is one of the important services for the parents of the children in the Community Centers of HOPE since 2011. In Payatas, the center runs a community-support program for teen-aged mothers where they are encouraged to take care of their health and their babies; and to go back to school after giving birth. The program ensures health and safety of both the teen-aged mothers and their babies.

Community Involvement

HOPE worldwide Philippines further aims to strengthen children’s primary safety nets by influencing both their parents and various community leaders to adopt a prevention agenda for children. This is implemented through network building, advocacy, and training. The Daycare and Feeding Program requires all beneficiaries’ parents to attend regular parent-teacher meetings and Parent Effectiveness Services sessions, as well as, to devote a certain number of hours to assist in class (seminar to services). Community leaders and parents are trained on the prevention and reporting of child abuse. Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) is organized, strengthened, and monitored to ensure existence of watchdog within selected communities.

Each of these Community Centers of HOPE are serving over 500 children each year; and around 200 parents are being trained on family dynamics, parent effectiveness, and skills training and livelihood development. It is also a venue for over a hundred volunteers assisting in the different programs.

Centers of HOPE

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