Child Rights and Protection

Prevention is better than cure.

The Philippines is a wonderful place… A land of abundant blessings and a real paradise on earth….

But behind its beauty is the ugly face of poverty.

Over 100 million population, 44% lives in poverty or below $2 a day.

Children constitute almost 45% of the population and more than 5 million children are engaged on child labor.

1 out of 3 Filipino children is a victim of some type of abuse, 45% of which is sexual abuse. Sadly, less than 10% of sexual abuse is reported. There are 60,000 children being prostituted and the latest figure shows that Filipino children are target of pedophiles on international cybersex activity.

HOPE worldwide Philippines' Advocacy and Education Programs are set to prevent abuse from happening is a long journey, and we thank you for supporting us in our awareness campaign for the past 17 years.

Your concern to end the number one crime against our children in the Philippines will only happen when we altogether empower our children to know their rights.

It cost us US$2 per child to educate him/her on child's rights and to empower him/her to prevent abuse from happening. This year, we are committed to educate another 50,000 children and to build the capacities of their teachers and communities in preventing, identifying, handling, and reporting cases of child abuse.

We truly believe that one day, the Philippines will become a safe place for our children, as we continue to fight for their rights and protection.

Child Protection Services:

  • Advocacy on the Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Temporary Shelter for Abused Children
  • Treatment and Recovery for Abused Children
  • Case Management for Abused Children
  • Aftercare Support for Abused Children
  • Child Development Support
  • Psychosocial Support Services

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