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Donations, contributions, or gifts given within the taxable year can be fully claimed as tax-deductible because HOPE worldwide Philippines is an accredited donee and charitable institution by the Philippine Council of NGO Certification.

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How our funds used?

To directly help the children and their family through provision of supplies, materials, food, educational support, protection, treatment and case management, emergency and medical assistance, parents’ capacity building and community and professional services through the Centers of HOPE. 70% of the budget directly supports the food, transportation, medical, and school needs of the child. 20% of the budget will support the project monitoring, evaluation, computer laboratory, library, protection, and the family and community support services in the Centers of Hope. 10% of the budget is allocated for the administration and management of the program.

Under-Nourished Children

Provide an under-nourished child with the following services:

Early Childhood Education, Family Intervention and Protection (30%)

Feeding and medical care - a nutritious meal and a snack per day, health monitoring by staff nurse and nutritionist (60%)

Management and staff support (10%)

Children-in-Crisis Situation

Provide a child-in-crisis situation the following services:

Educational support (32%)

Food and Nutrition (50%)

Family Development Training, Protection, Medical, and Emergency Assistance (8%)

Management Support (10%)

Abused Children

P10,000 (US$ 200 - Month/child)

Basic Education (11%)

Food and nutrition (16%)

Clothing, utilities, and recreational activities (11%)

Case management and Legal support (12%)

Treatment and Recovery Interventions (12%)

Shelter, Protection, and staff support (30%)

Management Support (10%)

P5,000 (US$ 100 - Month/child)

Basic Education (14%)

Case management and Legal support (34%)

Treatment and Recovery Interventions (34%)

Management Support (8%)

Donations are Tax Deductible

Can the gift or donation be deducted in full?

Yes, donations, contributions or gifts which are or made within the taxable year can be fully claimed as deduction because HOPE worldwide Philippines is an acredited done and charitable institution.

We will be issuing you a CERTIFICATE OF DONATION (BIR Form No. 2322) which you can use for BIR Purposes. Please check the Revenue Regulations No. 13-98 and other related information at for accredited NGOs.

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