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All News It ONLY Takes $1 to PROTECT a Child!

It ONLY Takes $1 to PROTECT a Child!

It ONLY Takes $1 to PROTECT a Child!


In Philippine setting, a woman or child is raped every 53 minutes. Seven out of 10 rape victims are children, according to Center for Women’s Resources (CWR). Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is one of the major crimes committed against children in the Philippines and considered a “silent epidemic”. But CSA is preventable! Advocacy on the prevention of CSA has a big role in eliminating incidence of abuse. It can be done! Help us fight and STOP Child Sexual Abuse!

The problems within communities and schools leading to child abuse, especially sexual abuse, begin with the innocence of the child, the lack of education/awareness of parents, schools and the community, and a dysfunctional protection system.

A child’s vulnerability makes them prone to abuse. Perpetrators, therefore, exploit this overly trusting nature of children to abuse them. Parents and teachers are unaware as well on the proceedings of child sexual abuse. Lack of education or awareness on how to be effective and responsible parents are of the major factors. As abuse cases increase, social welfare agencies and the child welfare system are overwhelmed by the needs to protect the abused children. At the community level, there are no standard protocols or sufficient knowledge on how to protect children from abuse.

Educating children is vital in helping them become assertive and vigilant individual to fight the so called “silent epidemic”. This crime against children is real. We cannot afford to make them fight by themselves alone. We don’t need to wait for another child to be abused. We can stop the abuse and save innocent lives. We can protect children from this predicament and stop the abuse from recurring and destroying the precious lives!

Yes, you heard it right. Help us spread the word. It only takes $1 to protect a child!

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