Selflessness in Time of Crisis!

COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide health emergency concern that affected everyone especially the materially poor families who only survive on a daily basis. Because of this, HOPE launched a food pack distribution last March 2020.

I came back to a small community, where less than 10 families are living, to check out how are they doing and if we can give food packs to them. Much to my surprise, there were more than 40 families in the area. I told them, that we only had 20 packs and that we might not be able to give them these since we are short of supply.

But they had a better idea. Instead of not getting anything, they agreed that two families would share from one food pack. Everyone felt good about it.

I met Joan Gacayan (first picture on the left), a mother of 5 children. Her husband works as a garbage collector. I asked her to list the names of families from her community. After I returned to the office from our relief distribution, she informed me that there's one more family head, who's not on the list, also needed a food pack.

I asked her what's her idea. She said she'll just gonna give her share. I was so encouraged to hear such act of kindness where daily survival is a struggle to families like them. In their community, I saw selflessness in times of crisis. No one claimed that each one of them deserved a better deal. Yet they tried to extend concern to one another.

Indeed, there's a spirit of selflessness in time of crisis. So I returned and gave Joan the full set of food pack.

As the ugly face of COVID-19 pandemic is yet to unfold, please continue to help us provide food packs to families like Joan. - Jerry Tonel, HOPE Staff

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