Significance of Family Support - Cathy

Cathy, 15 years old, is a victim and survivor of sexual abuse. Her stepfather started abusing her when they were still living in the province. She kept the abuse to herself because she was threatened by her stepfather. The abuse continued until they transferred in Manila in 2012. The last incident happened on April 2014 but this time, she had gathered enough strength to disclose the abuse to her mother. Her mother supported her and immediately reported the abuse to the barangay and to the police. Her stepfather was captured and arrested.

Cathy stopped going to school since 2012 because her mother’s income in peeling garlic is less than US$2 a day and is not sufficient to support the family. She helps her mother at home and takes care of her three younger siblings. Currently, Cathy and her mom attends family therapy sessions and counselling in the Center of HOPE - Baseco to help her recover from the effects of abuse.

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