Stories of HOPE - Ira

Ira is an 8 year old survivor of sexual abuse perpetrated by her paternal grandfather when she was 4 years old. Ira‘s biological mother abandoned her after birth and was fostered by her known parents when she was still a baby. She was referred by the Philippine General Hospital - Child Protection Unit to the Center of HOPE Residential and Treatment facility in Laguna in 2010.

Ira suffers from bronchial asthma and takes medication when she has asthma attacks. She has a frail body and unable to do activities that require a lot of effort like playing or doing household chores. Ira is a sweet girl but she is dependent to her house parents. She needs to be assisted in everything that she do including bathing and eating. Ira is currently in third grade in elementary and doing well academically. Ira loves to sing and dance and performs in special activities in the Center of HOPE when there are visitors. Ira dreams of becoming an artist someday and to find a permanent loving family to live with.

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