To Dream Again - Karen

Karen, 17 years old and Julia, 16, were abandoned by their biological mother at their very young age of four (4) and three (3) respectively. In their mother's absence, they had given their trust and love to their father who later on sexually abused them for many years. The children were rescued from their house and the father was put to jail where he eventually died in 2007. The girls were admitted to the Center of HOPE because they have no other relatives to take care of them. They were transferred to the Independent Living Program when they reached the age of 17.

According to Karen, “Life without a family is difficult and sad, but this will not stop me from reaching my dreams. I am thankful that we can study and go to school. I will study hard because I want to finish my studies and get a good job in the future.”

Last May 29, 2015, Karen turned 22 years old and graduated with a Degree in Business Management from a reputable College in Manila.

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