Serving With Passion: Story of Daria

Daria, 57, is one of our active volunteers of One Million Meals of Hope here at the Center of HOPE - Ormoc. Being a widow for 10 years, she managed to rear her children on her own by making and selling rice delicacies in the community every morning. She's been doing this for almost two decades. Through this, she was able to send her five children to school. Two children are in college, and both of them are government scholars. The other one is a vocational graduate and now working in a mall. The other two are high school students.

Daria would wake up at 4:00 in the morning to start preparing and cooking rice delicacies. She would go house to house to sell her products. She would do it in a nick of time so she could prepare for her next mission which is to volunteer in our One Million Meals of HOPE Feeding Program. Even though she’s a bit tired already, she never misses the opportunity to serve by distributing packed meals to materially children beneficiaries in the community. What is more encouraging about her is her ability to put smile and extra energy in what she does. She would always take the lead and will do it with passion.

Daria said, “masaya ako sa aking ginagawa sa araw-araw na pagbibigay sa mga bata ng pagkain. Sobrang saya ko na nakakatulong ako sa kanila sa paraan na kaya ko.”[I’m happy in what I’m doing by giving food to children every day. I’m so glad that I can serve them in my own little way.]

A selfless volunteer, Daria is one of the feeding warriors in the midst of pandemic. She may be unable to share monetarily in the project but her service with passion means a lot.

"One Million Meals” of HOPE Feeding Program started last June 16 in Ormoc City. More than 1,100 meals were served already to 100 children. Like Daria, we would like to serve more children in the community. Your support by any means will make this endeavor into fruition.

Written by Russell Reyes.

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