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Gifts of HOPE Shoebox Gift-Giving

Gifts of HOPE Shoebox Gift-Giving


Achilles, one of the beneficiaries in the Day Care Program, was shy and doesn’t wanted to get along with other children when he was first brought by his grandfather in the class. He was enrolled by his grandfather so he could learn to communicate and socialize to other people. He is used to play alone in their house.

At a very young age, his father left him and his mother. As unwanted child, his father had decided then to abort him. That didn’t happened. The mother decided to take care of him in the absence of his father. To survive, they stayed in the custody of his grandfather while the mother works as nurse in one of the hosptials in Ormoc City.

After sometime, the teachers noticed gradual improvement to Achilles’ communication and socialization skills. He is more expressive with his needs and loves to play with his classmates.

This Christmas season, Achilles received a special gift from a non-relative in abroad for the very first time. He was grateful for the new pair of shoes, socks, new clothes, and toys. His mother wrote a letter to the donors of the Gifts of HOPE Shoebox Program of the San Diego Church of Christ expressing her thankfulness for the wonderful things they have done to his son, Achilles.

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