Corporate Social Responsibility

Provide corporations an opportunity to engage their company and employees to get involved first hand in helping the poor in our Centers of HOPE and communities. Interested companies are offered project that they can adopt and support from short-term to long-term partnership. Click here to contact us for the possible programs for CSR partnership.

Special Activities and Outreach

Such as children’s month, field trips, Christmas gift-giving and other recreational activities are offered to interested volunteers and groups to support. You may contact us here.

HOPE Volunteer Corps

This is an annual international volunteer activity which aims to serve the poor and allow the youth to experience the way of living in the communities. A minimum of 50 foreign delegates and 15 local youth participants were being sent to poor communities in two (2) weeks time to help repair school, build shelters, and provide support to other HOPE programs. International delegates can register through HOPE worldwide Headquarters and the local delegates registration will be accepted through HOPE worldwide Philippines.

HOPE worldwide Philippines Association Membership

HOPE worldwide Philippines is a faith-based, non-profit, and non-government organization. Association Membership is being offered to its founding church affiliation members. An association member may have also the opportunity to be nominated and/or elected as part of the board of trustees or a board officer during the general assembly. To request for association membership application, please send an email to Vina Denuevo at vina.denuevo@hopewwph.org.

Get Involved